What are on-page SEO ranking factors ?

On page SEO is the process to make small changes in the contents of the page, internal links and tags to improve the visibility of your page and to increase the traffic

By doing this the search engines better understand your website while doing optimization

It increases the traffic on your website

As you may know the first five organic results on a search page get 67% of all the clicks. And the next five get only about 3% and it drops from there. So you need to be on the top of the search page to attract more traffic to your website or page And the high ranking website have much better CTR or click through rates Imagine that 90% of the customers searching for something nearby visits that store the same day then you can see the potential of the organic ranking and importance of on-page SEO as well.

We hope now you can understand how important on-page SEO is. So let's talk about some of the most essential factors of on page SEO.

12 essential factors of on Page SEO

Mainly three categories are there while doing on-page SEO i.e. HTML, content and website architecture.

1. Content

Content is the most important category or you can say it's the king of your website
Without good content SEO is nothing.
SEO without a good content is like a beautiful flower without fragrance
Let's see the content factors which can improve your on-page SEO

Google considers your website on the basis of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your site. On page SEO plays a big role in improving your EAT factor to improve your rankings on SEO which automatically attracts more traffic to your website also

The keywords are the basic way used to rank your website. Featuring the right keywords in the content's heading whether in the body or the query helps in improving your rankings while doing on-page SEO. That's why the correct use of accurate keywords is very important For example if you are running a hardware business you need you use words like hammers, drills, screws and nails etc. While optimizing your website So you need to know your targeted audience to use correct keywords accordingly to reach more potential customers

SEO writing
Perfect SEO writing is challenging because it needs to be written in a way that can be prioritized by the search engines as well as attracting people to your site. There are some points to keep in mind
1. Your content should be easily scannable by the engines so the people can reach you more easily
2. Don't overuse keywords because if google find out that you are overusing keywords then your website could be demoted or even removed
3. Use bulleted points. Is looks nice and and can break your information down to read it more easily
4. Using subheadings is also very effective. It attracts more people and seek their attention who are viewing your page

Visual assets
More than 36% people use visual search while searching for something so by using videos and images gives you more opportunity to boost your ranking And also keep in mind the size of your image to avoid slow loading


Hypertext markup language or HTML is the code used to structure your website It tells the search engines what your website or content is all about to improve its Ranking in different places where it belongs
The onpage HTML Factors you need to consider are -

Title tags
Title tags helps you build contexts and demonstrate your website relevancy

Meta description
A better meta description gives your customer a better understanding of your page's content which leads to more CRTs. It also helps Google to understand what your website is all about and that Increases your rank

Image optimization
We have already discussed about the visual assets Here are some tips to help
● Choose the right file size to avoid slow loading
● Ensure your image is mobile friendl
● Includes SEO friendly alt tags

Geo tagging
Many of the businesses are done at the local level. Optimizing your local SEO is the best way to connect the nearby people To improve local SEO you need to focus on -
● Optimizing your local listing including name, address, and phone number, website URL etc.
● Optimization for "near me" searches
Use good and relevant keywords and put them in your content and website wherever needed.

3. Website Architecture

Search engines crawls more easily if the the website is well architectured and it also gives a better user experience if the website Architecture is good There are some factors of site's architecture -

Site speed
Slow loading website is very frustrating that leads to less engagement of people and it also harms your ranking So the speed is an important factor

Responsive design
Mobile searchers are more than the desktop searches and it's increasing day by day About 56% of internet users are mobile users Google prioritize the sites having responsive design because of more number of mobile phone users

URL structure
Earlier URLs were considered as a very important factor however by the time URLs are not as important now because of the changed Google algorithm. Still you can't ignore them

Links through different reputed website can improve your rankings as we discussed before about the EAT ( expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) The main types of links you need to know -
● Internal links - links directing you to other page or your website
● Outbound links - the links that take you to the site on different domain
● Inbound links - also known as backlinks basically likes from other websites pointing to your page or website

So the conclusion is the on-page SEO does just one thing i.e. to find the best way to provide relevant information to the searcher and make sure your website is on the top rank Provide best and professional experience to your site's viewer to improve your rankings. Work on SEO and learn, improve and experience always check if there is a need for any improvement or change in your page or content to always be on top ranking

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