The 20 best Google tools for productivity and marketing

Google is an American multimedia technology company that focuses on search engine technology. The company was established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and since then it has become a very important part of the tech industry.

Everyone knows about Google search engine. Google has a wide range of tools that are really very useful for us

Today we will look at the 20 best Google tools for productivity and marketing used by small and large businesses according to their needs.

Google for email service

As you know there are 1.8 billion Google users worldwide and out of them about 28% people are email clients.

Google is very popular for businesses

More than 6 million businesses are using G suite, which includes slides, drives,  hangout, sheets and more.

Gmail is very secure and fast and you can customize it to your domain also.

All these feature helps a lot to improve business productivity

Google ads

Millions of people are using the internet and you can target them very easily to convert them into your customers.

Google ads helps a lot to target right people

By showing ads across Google search results, YouTube. Google ads gives you a better overview of all data and Targeting capabilities you need and all this will help you increase your revenue and customer base.

Google alerts for reputation monitoring

Not every business is perfect. There will always be a few people that can not be satisfied even if you provide them with the best service or product.

Google will notify you every time someone mentions your business online so that you can deal with it to protect your brand reputation .

 Google analytics for measuring app usage and website traffic

Google analytics is a very useful tool. It is the easiest way to get all insights about your customers and to monitor your app’s usage and web traffic.

With this tool you can streamline your marketing processes , campaign tracking, troubleshoot web pages individually from the same dashboard.

Google authenticator for two-step Verification                  security

With the advancement of technology the hackers and spammers are also getting advanced .

The 2 step verification security of Google helps a lot to keep you safe.

Google sends a unique code via text or email that you can use to log in to your account, it is more secure than just using a password to log in.

Google business messages to communicate with            potential customers

Google helps you to communicate with the customers on various places like on maps, search and your own website.

You can use it as a chat feature or answer frequently asked questions to the customers

Google business profile for local business            promotion

Google has focus a lot on nearby search results after rolling out new local search results feature in November 2021

So now to rank high on local search results you need to make a Google business profile. People can easily find you with your Google business profile and discover you on maps and search . This will increase your sales.

Google Calendar

Being disciplined to time is very important and hard for many people.

Google Calendar helps you to be organized and effectively manage your time and schedule.

You can sync it to your device to reminds you of any call, presentation or any appointment etc.

Google chat for messaging

Instant messaging tool is very important for any business

This tool will let you manage all your messages at one place, team mates collaboration and integration with other Google apps very smoothly.

Google Chrome for web browsing

Google Chrome is the safest browser to surf on the internet . Its developer tools will help you create new websites and you can test APIs also. Google updates its functionality every week.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop To Connect With        Home Or Work Computers

Chrome Remote Desktop is basically a chrome extension. You can remotely access work from home pc, you can share your screen with your teammates, or you can even view your files while traveling.

Looking studio for interactive dashboard and engaging reports

Looker studio is also known as Google data studio. You can get customisable reports and dashboard.

With this you can connect all your sheets, analytics and data from other sources into one platform. Looker studio is very important and useful app to seek new insights

Google digital garage

Google Digital Garage will help you to learn something new to improve your productivity and to enhance your skill set.

The courses available on google digital garage like digital marketing, learning new language, coding , and many more

Learning new skills will be beneficial for your business and your career also

Google docs for online documents and editing

Google docs is really a very useful tool. You can do real time collaboration on documents and multiple users can interact with the same document at the same time. Anyone can make changes and it will save automatically.

Google domain for domain registration

You can fastly and securely host your website with Google domain. It will provide you with 24*7 support. You can choose for more than 300 domain endings like biz, e.g., .com.

You can very easily interface with all of your Google tools

Google drive for file storage and sharing

You can save important files and share them as well using Google Drive .

It is a very safe and secure tool to protect your data.

With Google powerful search you can search very easily to find anything in your storage data.

Google fonts for open source font families

You can select a wide range of fonts using Google fonts. You have control over all the characters so it’s your choice which ones you need or not.

Google forms for online surveys

Google forms are the very important tools with which you can create , edit and track the survey results.

You can track the responses very easily.

And you can make a custom design according to your needs.

Google Jamboard

Jamboard is used for online collaboration as a digital whiteboard while using Google workplace.

Multiple connect people and edit it, create it and drag or drop it at the same time

 Google keep for note taking

Google Keep is a very useful tool. You can note anything here . It can transcribe voice recordings also . There are many features in Google keep that will help you make it more organized.

So you see Google is much more than just a search engine there are many more tools other than these that are also very important and useful and the main thing is most of them are free to use .

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